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Summerschool “United in Diversity?” July 2011

For the first time the Summerschool “United in Diversity? Framing Diversity in Indonesia and Germany” took place in Leipzig from 6th to 16th of July.

It was organisied by Prof. Dr. Enders and Prof. Dr. Kotzur (Law Faculty , University of Leipzig) and Dr. Sihabudin, Afifah Kusumadara, Ph.D. and Muktiono, M.Phil. (Law Faculty Brawijaya, University of Malang).

It was the beginning of a contiunous programme between the University of Leipzig and the University of Malang. The project serves to deepen the partnership between the universities and the awareness of cultural and legal issues.

The books relating to these issues were published for the Summerschool of 2012 and 2013.


Foto einiger Teilnehmer der Summerschool 2011