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The project Best Practice in Transfer: Study Module "Law and Culture" is a cooperation between the faculties of Law and Culture Studies of Leipzig and the University of Malang and Jakarta. This interdisciplinary study module is part of the DAAD-Program "Subject-related Partnerships with Universities in Developing Countries" and is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Within the scope of the subject-related partnership, the key aspect should be the joint formation and enhancement of the interdisciplinary, jurisprudential and socio-scientific study module "Law and Culture". During the annual realization of the study module "Best Practices" with regard to modularisation, internationalisation, university didactic, interdisciplinary and practices-oriented aspects should be developed, approved and implemented at the Indonesian partner universities.

Therefore, experiences, which were made by the partner universities in the last years within the project "Exploring Legal Cultures", could be used for designing the study module "Law and Culture". Now, the previous activities should be improved particularly with regard to structural effects. This contains the implementation of interdisciplinary teaching at the Indonesian universities, which should be didactical based.

The project aim is to design and develop a joint interdisciplinary study module, which is hold annually. Thereby, forms and characteristics of the Indonesian and German legal system are central as well as the debate on specific and cultural influenced legal views and practices, the role of internaional regulations and human rights.

The experiences, which gained by holding the study module "Law and Culture" should be used by the partner universities and integrated on-site. The teaching staff at the participating universities will be qualified in innovative teaching-learning forms. In the end, the study module should be implemented as a regular part in the jurisprudential as well as the socio-scientific teaching of the Indonesian partner universities.

Mainly, the project is dealing with the question of how the modern pluralistic society deals with religious, cultural and political varieties and commons and how the society deals with conflicts and agreements. Especially pointing out the role of legal claims and regulations. The debates equally present the German and the Indonesian perspectives including the social structures and cultural scientific point of view.

The project is separated into two parts:

Firstly, it is an interdisciplinary module "Law and Culture". Secondly it is an exchange program between host scientists and students. Besides the focus on social and legal systems of both countries, the project takes a critical look at problems and issues that are related to human rights.

The practical part of the project consists of an exchange with institutions outside the university and actors of the legal politics such as the Federal Administrative Court. The exchange between young scientists and students is a way to intensify the dialogue on scientific issues and possible cooperation.

Andreas Schneider (Coordinatior)

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"Exploring Legal Cultures"

The project "Exploring Legal Cultures" was the first cooperation between the faculties of Law and Culture Studies of Leipzig and the Univiersity of Malang and Jakarta. The public discussion about the Islamic Law (Scharia) and the changing role of freedom of religion in modern state and social order is growing, especially in the context of cultural values and ideas of law, especially shown in the jurisdiction of many different countries.

This project was an attempt to discuss and reflect these debates in a legal framework and to face the challenges of a pluralistic society.

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